Amicus Committee


1. All requests should be directed to the Amicus Curiae Committee.
2. Except in exceptional circumstances, the Amicus Curiae Committee will only consider requests to appear in the Louisiana Supreme Court, the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court.

3. Requests for an amicus curiae appearance must be accompanied by a completed copy of the LACDL form, "Request fo Amicus Curiae Appearance."

4. The requesting party should attach to the application a copy of the most important appellate materials (e.g., briefs of the parties, decisions of the lower courts, writ application, writ grant).

5. The requesting party must furnish any additional material or information required by the Amicus Curiae Committee.

6. The requesting party has a continuing responsibility to inform the Amicus Curiae Committee of developments in the case after the initial request is submitted.

7. Some of the specific limits and deadlines set by the courts are:

Louisiana Supreme Court
a. If a writ has been granted, the party seeking to file an amicus curiae brief must file its motion for leave and its brief within the time allowed for the filing of the brief of the party whose position amicus seeks to support.  Rule VII, section 12.
b. In no event will an amicus curiae brief be accepted in support of a petition for rehearing.

United States 5th Circuit
a. The party seeking to appear as amicus curiae must file its motion for leave to file and its brief within seven days after the principal brief of the party it supports is filed.  F.R.A.P. 29 (e).

8. The request must specify the date the writ application was filed or is to be filed (if you are in support of the granting of the writ) and the last day for filing your brief (if a writ has been granted).

9. The committee strongly recommends that members seek amicus curiae assistance before a writ is granted so that the committee can deliberate as early as possible whether to authorize a brief if a writ is granted.