Why join LACDL?

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Are you getting the necessary education to keep you current?
  • Do you have a group of peers in the same business that you can call for information and advice?
  • Are you aware of the new state & national legislation that could adversely affect your business? Do you have someone that will represent you? 
  • How many CLE opportunities to you attend a year?
  • As an Attorney, Public Defender, or student, the dues are just a small amount compared to the benefits that you will receive by being a member of LACDL.

  • CLE Seminars, LACDL sponsors four-seven CLE seminars each year, all at a discounted rates for members. The seminars feature practitioners of contemporary trial tactics along with state and nationally recognized experts to discuss legal issues challenging the criminal defense bar.
  • Membership Directory, LACDL’s Membership Directory provides quick access to Louisiana’s leading criminal defense lawyers. 
  • Discussion Forums/Listserv, LACDL Discussion Forums/ListServe are reserved for members of LACDL. It provides a quick and easy way to contact colleagues to discuss pressing legal issues and hard to answer questions.
  • Attorney Assistance, LACDL members are ready to step in when member attorneys are prosecuted, subpoenaed or cited for contempt for their vigorous defense of their clients.
  • Legislative Advocacy, LACDL has an aggressive program of legislative action. We retain a Lobbyist who, along with the Legislative Committee, provides continuous and aggressive representation on issues of importance to the criminal defense bar.
  • Membership Updates, the LACDL Advocate offers great information to members.
  • Amicus Action, the LACDL Amicus Committee files briefs in state and federal courts each year, providing defense counsel and the judiciary with expertise on issues affecting the constitutional rights of the accused.
  • State Office, LACDL has its state office in Baton Rouge with full-time staff to assist members.
  • LACDL Website, with LACDL’s Website,, members can stay abreast of all upcoming events and network with others in the industry.