• Law Student Member - Only people who are enrolled in a university program will qualify for student membership. With the payment of your dues, student members can attend all LACDL CLE seminars for FREE!
  • New Attorney Member - Only attorneys who have been practicing for 2 years or less qualify for this membership type. Dues include a 6 hour voucher for LACDL seminars.
  • Associate/Non-Lawyer Member - Associate members are non-lawyers who support LACDL. This includes paralegals, private investigators, supporting organizations, etc. If you are an attorney, you do not qualify for this membership.
  • Indigent Defender Member - An indigent Defender member is someone who works in the public defense area. Dues include a 6 hour voucher for LACDL seminars. There is a discount for any full PD Office that would like to join.
  • Regular Member - This type is open to attorney's practicing criminal defense. Dues include a 6 hour CLE voucher for LACDL seminars.
  • Sustaining Member - Sustaining members believe in and support LACDL by paying an amount over and above the minimum required to continue membership. This member type includes a 12.5 hour CLE voucher for LACDL seminars. 
  • Lifetime Member - Lifetime members show their support of LACDL by paying a one-time membership fee and are entitled to all LACDL services and are exempt from paying annual membership dues and seminar registration fees. In addition, you are allowed to attend all LACDL hosted seminars free of charge.