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2/25/16 ACTION ALERT | Public Defender Funding at Jeopardy!
Please take a moment to contact your legislators regarding Public Defender funding. Click on the red TAKE ACTION button on the right and see the instructions below for a step-by-step guide to using Voter Voice, a new-to-LACDL communications platform for legislative affairs.
Due to the state's large mid-year budget deficit, the Governor's administration is proposing significant budget cuts across the board, with some important items receiving disproportionate cuts.

The proposed 61.9% cut to Louisiana Public Defender Board would have a catastrophic effect on the criminal justice system, greatly impact public safety across the state, and place the state at risk of federal intervention.

This Special Session is being called not only to address cutting government expenditures but also to increase revenues. Any monies found or raised will allow for changes to the Governor's suggested budget. It is imperative that you make contact with your local legislators and explain to them how the cuts to the Louisiana Public Defender Board will impact their local districts.

These cuts not only impact the Public Defenders but also private attorneys who will be appointed to represent these cases with minimal to no fees for service.

It has never been easier to contact your legislators than it is right now, so please help by taking action NOW.

Questions?  Contact the LACDL office at 225-767-7640 or LACDL@tatmangroup.com. 

2/25/16 ALERT: Public Defender Funding at Jeopardy
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