Meet VoterVoice

VoterVoice, a communications platform, will make reaching out to your legislators as easy as a few clicks. This software is a membership benefit that will help you communicate directly with legislators and other elected officials. 

It is vitally important for you - our members - to stay in contact with legislators across the state. In addition, it is important for LACDL to know if you have any personal relationships with certain legislators.

  1. You will receive a "Call to Action" by email. Simply follow the link to be brought to the Action Center on our website (
  2. **You must be logged in to our website to access the VoterVoice page. We are keeping this page private with member-only access because of the sensitivity of some of our issues. If you do not have your LACDL log-in information, please contact us at (225) 767-7640.**
  3. Click on the red TAKE ACTION button on the right.
  4. Read the given background on the subject matter. The software will identify your legislator(s). Some messages will be targeted to members of certain committees or delegations. 
  5. After you read background, you will be prompted to compose a message using the guidelines provided by us. We ask that you personalize your message but stick to the guidelines/talking points, as this allows us to present a united, knowledgeable front. 
  6. Before submitting, you will need to enter your email, ZIP code, and potentially some address information in order to assist with identifying your legislators. 
  7. That's it! Wasn't that easy?! 
Using this system will allow LACDL to engage in concentrated, effective, and unified messaging, which is so important to building a respected resource for legislators. 

Questions?  Contact the LACDL office at 225-767-7640 or