Juvenile Justice Working Group

Please see below for a list of bills that have been assigned to the LACDL Juvenile Justice Working Group.  Click on any bill number to view the details on the Legislative website.

HB 67, Bacala
Provides relative to the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons under the age of 18

HB 229, Smith
Expands juvenile court jurisdiction in delinquency cases to include seventeen-year-olds
HB 264, Mack
Provides with respect to sentencing of juvenile offenders sentenced to life imprisonment for certain offenses
HB 395, Miller, G.
Provides relative to the calculation of adjusted gross income for child support
HB 447, Miller, G.
Provides for changes to procedures for continuing tutorships
HB 486, Johnson, R.
Provides for administrative hearings for property or assets frozen by the Department of Children and Family Services
HB 525, Carter, R.
Provides relative to venue in certain proceedings involving abuse
HB 554, Marcelle
Provides with respect to sentencing of juvenile offenders sentenced to life imprisonment for certain offenses
HB 639, Richard
Provides for blood testing of caretaker when infant death occurs
HB 748, Ivey
Provides with respect to juvenile delinquency records
SB 127, Martiny
Provides relative to juveniles sentenced to life without parole
SB 278, Bishop
Provides relative to parole eligibility of offenders convicted of first or second degree murder who were under the age of eighteen at the time of commission of the offense
SB 301, Morrell
Creates the Juvenile Justice Accountability and Cost Effectiveness Act of 2016 as a system to monitor and implement systems for better accountability and cost-effectiveness in the juvenile justice system

SB 302, Morrell
Creates the Safe and Fair Return Act of 2016

SB 303, Morrell
Enacts the Educational Accountability and Rehabilitation Act of 2016

SB 306, Carter
Provides that physical custody of children shall be shared equally in a joint custody decree
SB 324, Morrell
Creates the Raise the Age Louisiana Act of 2016 and the La. Juvenile Jurisdiction Planning and Implementation Council
SB 326, Claitor
Provides relative to reporting of child abuse and neglect
Juvenile Justice Working Group Members:
Jill Pasquarella
Josh Perry
Meghan Garvey