Sentencing Reform Working Group

Please see below for a list of bills that have been assigned to the LACDL Sentencing Reform Working Group.  Click on any bill number to view the bill details on the Legislative website.

HB 55, Dwight
Provides for the dismissal of certain criminal charges upon completion of the Veterans Court program
HB 90, Hall
Amends parole eligibility provisions for certain crimes of violence
HB 99, Smith
Amends the earning rate for diminution of sentence and length of sentence which must be served before being eligible for parole
HB 172, Jefferson
Provides with respect to credit for time served pending a technical parole violation

HB 180, Jefferson
Provides with respect to probation violations
HB 317, Ivey
Increases penalty provisions for certain crimes when a firearm is possessed, discharged, or used

HB 320, Ivey
Increases penalties for possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime of violence

HB 328, Lopinto
Provides sanctions for technical violations of drug division probation programs
HB 440, Jackson
Provides relative to parole for persons convicted of crimes of violence and provides for the creation and administration of the Programs to Reduce Recidivism Fund
HB 495, Moreno
Establishes a fee for conducting pardon investigations
HB 544, Hoffmann
Increases penalties for failure to pay child support
HB 690, Jackson
Creates a presumption in favor of parole eligibility

HB 691, Jackson
Changes the number of votes required to grant parole
HB 802, Jackson
Creates a procedure for designating certain crimes in the court minutes as a crime of violence and provides relative to the benefits and restrictions based on such designation
HB 813, Henry
Provides relative to information required to be provided by sex offenders and the use of such information
HB 894, Thibaut
Provides with respect to reporting for Offender Reentry Support Pilot Program

SB 24, Martiny
Provides relative to parole eligibility
SB 61, Martiny
Provides relative to parole eligibility
SB 196, Cortez
Removes judge's discretion with regard to mandatory sentences for certain offenses involving the possession, use, or discharge of a firearm
SB 243, Milkovich
Provides relative to battery committed by two or more persons upon a victim
LACDL Sentencing Reform Working Group:
John DiGiulio
Kyla Romanach
Gary Wainwright