Death Penalty Committee

Mission Statement 

The Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers opposes the imposition of the death penalty under all circumstances. The Death Penalty Committee shall advance this core principle by advocating for individual due process and justice for all those charged with capital crimes or sentenced to death and by working toward the overall improvement of the criminal justice system. The Committee shall act as a resource and encourage the involvement of its members in ongoing capital prosecutions, appeals, post-conviction proceedings, and clemency applications. The Committee adopts the American Bar Association Guidelines for the Appointment and Performance of Defense Counsel in Death Penalty Cases (2003) and deems them as necessary standards to ensure constitutionally required high-quality representation in capital cases. The Committee shall provide training and consultation for capital defense attorneys, engage in public outreach and education on issues relating to capital punishment, and advocate for continuous improvement in the criminal justice system. The Committee shall coordinate its efforts with local and national professional legal organizations, the defense bar, and the membership and all standing committees of this organization.