LACDL Awards

Each year, LACDL honors individuals who are champions in
Criminal Defense Law at the Justice Albert Tate, Jr. Banquet

Click the award below to view more information and past recipients:
Sam Dalton Capital Defense Advocacy Award
CJA Panel Award
Public Defender Gideon Award
Chief Justice Pascal F. Calogero, Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award
Lucy McGough Juvenile Justice Award
LACDL President's Award
LACDL President's Appreciation Award
Trustees of Freedom Lifetime Service Award
Trustees of Freedom Gideon Award

Sam Dalton Capital Defense Advocacy Award 
1992    Lisa Roark
1993    Loyola Death Penalty Resource Center
1994    Clive Stafford-Smith
1995    Gary Eldredge
1996    Denise LeBoeuf         
1997    Judy Perry Martinez and Denise Puente
1998    Neal Walker
1999    Michael S. Fawer
2000    Thomas L. Lorenzi and the Louisiana State Bar Association
2001    Cliffe E. Laborde & Susan S. Robinson
2002    Rebecca L. Hudsmith
2003    John DiGiulio
2004    Carla Boose
2005    Nick Trenticosta
2006    Mike Small
2007    Richard Bourke
2008    Kerry Cuccia & Steve Lemoine
2009    Michele Fournet
2010    Richard Goorley 
2011    David Price and BRCCO
2012   Gary Clements
2013   Dwight M. Doskey
            Bruce G. Whittaker
            Meghan Harwell Bitoun
            Katie Carter
            Brandi L. Studer
            Jane Martin
            Eda Gordon
2014   Scharlette Holdman
2015   G. Ben Cohen   
2016   Kyla Blanchard-Romanach
2017   David Price, In Memory
2018   Fredrikson & Byron
2019   Letty DiGiulio

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Summary: Presented by the Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers to a Criminal Justice Act panel attorney who has demonstrated extraordinary commitment, professionalism, and achievement in the appointed representation of clients in the federal courts of Louisiana. 
2003 Virginia L. Schlueter
2004  Richard Goorley
2005  Shelia Myers
2006  Neal Walker
2007  J. Rodney Baum
2008  Glass & Reed Law Firm
2009  Gerald Block
2010  Herbert V. Larson, Jr.
2011  Thomas C. Damico      
2012  Dwight Doskey
2013  Christopher Albert Aberle
2014  Billy Gibbens
2015  Andrew Lee, Avery Pardee, & the Law Firm of Jones Walker
2016  Michael G. Riehlmann
2017  Marci Blaize
2018  Arthur "Buddy" Lemann
2019  Lester Gauthier, Jr.

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Public Defender Gideon Award
2004  Mike Mitchell
2006  Frank Neuner
2007  Rep. Danny Martiny & Sen. Lydia Jackson
2008  Christine Lehman
2009  Kurt Goins 
2010  Richard Tompson
2011  Virginia Schlueter
2012  E. King Alexander
2013  Steve Thomas
2014  James T.  "Jay" Dixon, Jr.
2015  Tony Tillman
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Chief Justice Pascal F. Calogera, Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award
Summary: For recognition of outstanding work on behalf of Criminal Justice in an official position. Honoring Judges, as well as legislators and others.
2008  Chief Justice Pascal F. Calogero, Jr.
2009  Sam Dalton
2010  Hon. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco
2011  Sen. Robert Adley
2012  Rep. Jeff Arnold
2013  Rep. Joseph P. Lopinto
2014  Hon. Judge Fredericka H. Wicker
2015  Rep. John Bel Edwards
2016  Judge Anthony Marabella
2017  Judge Bonnie Jackson
2018  Ed Tarpley
2019  Lewis Unglesby

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Lucy McGough Juvenile Award

From John DiGiulio: Consistent with the reforms envisioned by Act 307, the juvenile has been elevated to its rightful place as an equal part of the criminal justice system. It would be great to call it the Justice Kitty Kimball Juvenile Justice Award, in light of her hard work and dedication in this area and the importance of her comeback.  Since Justice Kitty Kimball was a sitting Judge, we named it after Prof. Lucy McGough.

2010     Prof. Lucy McGough
2011     Carol Kolinchak
2012     Clay Walker
2013    Judge Nancy Amato Konrad
2014    Bryan Stevenson
2015    Joshua Perry
2016    Jill Pasquarella
2017    Lindsay Blouin
2018    Keith Nordyke
2019    Rachel Gassert


LACDL President's Award
2003   George Steimel, Jim Boren, Thomas Lorenzi & Julie Hayes Kilborn
2004   Norman Ferrachi, Samantha McAllister and Hon. Ernestine Gray
2005   Senator Lydia Jackson
2006   Elton Richey
2007   Elton Richey, George Steimel, Steve Singer and Paul Marx
2008   Julie Kilborn and King Alexander
2009   Paul Fleming, Richard Goorley and Jill Guillory
2010   Mitch Bergeron
2011   Ben LaBranche and Jill Guillory
2012   Brett Brunson
2013   Ed Greenlee
2014   Richard T. Simmons, Jr.
2015   Kathryn Widhalm Cooper
2016   S. Christie Smith IV
2017   Robert Toale
2018   Lindsay Blouin
2019   Meghan Garvey

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LACDL President's Appreciation Award
2012   The Manasseh Gill, Knipe and Belanger Law Firm
2013   Robert S. Toale
2014   Kathleen O'Regan
2016   David Tatman
2017   Suchitra Satpathi
2018   Rep. Joe Marino & Sen. JP Morrell
2019   Suchitra Satphathi
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Trustees of Freedom Lifetime Service Award
2007  James Looney
2008  Raymond Cannon and John Simmons
2009  Ken Rodenbeck andKendall Green
2010  (No Recipient)
2011  Louis Scott
2012  G. Paul Marx    
2013  Clay Carroll
2016  Harry Fontenot
2019  Michael Courteau

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Trustees of Freedom Gideon Award
Summary: In recognition of outstanding contributions to the Right to Counsel, including Legislative work, work "in the trenches", and a concern for clients and Criminal Justice in the last year or more.
2007  Vic Bradley, Derrick Carson, Rep. Danny Martiny, Bob Noel, Sen. Lydia Jackson, and Greg Riley.
2008  Sister Kathy Broussard, Eda Gordan, and Kenneth Richards
2009  Dr. Ted Friedberg, Ph.D. and Billy Southern
2010  Harold Register, Annette Roach, and Sherry Watters
2011  George Steimel
2012  IPNO
2013  David Williams
2014  Hon. Judge Robert J. Burns
2016  Pamela Smart
2017  E. King Alexander
2018  Rhonda Covington
2019  Deirdre Fuller

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