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Listserv Best Practices & Guidelines

As with any forum/community, there are guidelines that exist to help govern behavior on the listserv. By joining LACDL’s members-only listserv, you agree that you have read and will follow the guidelines and rules set by the association.

1.  Corresponding to the listserv. When you REPLY to a message, your message is going to the full Listserv. If you wish to send something privately in response to an email from the Listserv, ensure that the listserv address is NOT in the To, CC, or CC lines.

2. Using the Listserv. When you send a message to the listserv, you will receive a copy of the message as a record.

3.  Receiving too many emails?  You can switch to a “Daily Digest” version where you will only receive ONE email a day with a recap of all emails that were sent to the listserv, instead of receiving every single email someone sends. You may also “Unsubscribe” through Gaggle, or just email if you would like to stop receiving the listserv emails.

4. Usage Standards. LACDL allows members to have access to this listserv as a benefit of membership, with the purpose of the listserv to foster useful discussion on pressing legal issues and provide a quick & easy way to contact colleagues to get answers to hard questions.

5. Use Discretion. Avoid rants and lengthy messages. Use brevity and diplomacy in communications to be respectful to other listserv members.

6. Content Standards:
  • No inappropriate graphics or images are permitted in messages.
  • This list is meant to be productive and helpful. It is not meant to be a forum to discuss political issues or to bash a firm/company you do not like. Please be sure that all posts are positive and do not insult others.
  • Occasionally, a subject will come up that generates lots of posts because of its controversial nature. If the discussion threatens to overwhelm our mailboxes or becomes nasty, we will ask that those interested in discussing it further take the discussion off the list.
  • Do not challenge or attack others. The discussions on the listserv are meant to stimulate conversation, not to create contention. Let others have their say, just as you may.
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LACDL reserves the right to remove any member from the listserv who the association
feels are in violation of any content standards.