Membership Committee

Mission Statement

The Membership Committee's Goals are Twofold:

1. To Work to Renew All Members Yearly
2. To Increase the Membership of the LACDL.

In striving to meet these goals, the Membership Committee will work closely with the staff in the State Office to manage a long-range plan to increase the membership and will work with all LACDL Committees to advertise and improve the services of LACDL to existing and potential members. The Committee will collaborate with and provide member oversight for the mass marketing strategies managed and directed by LACDL's Membership Committee and State Office staff marketing membership to all of the Criminal Defense community for purposes of recruitment, as well as marketing membership to the LACDL community for purposes of retention. In addition, the Committee will strive to supplement the marketing efforts of Staff in the State Office by identifying and initiating new members and member recruitment efforts that can be carried out by volunteers on the local level. Whereas membership growth is both a factor of retention and recruitment efforts, as a result, membership will grow, thereby increasing dues revenues and helping to maintain the budgetary requirements of the Organization.