Louisiana Justice PAC

Why the Louisiana Justice PAC is important to you?
· To preserve the profession as we know it today.
· To promote funding for the criminal justice system.
· Support members of the House of Representatives and State Senate who support balance in the criminal justice system

Please consider contributing to the Louisiana Justice Political Action Committee (LJ PAC) in 2016.  For $1 a week, $52 a year, we can raise enough money to make an impact in the legislature to ensure that our client's rights are protected.  The purpose of the LJ PAC, a partner of the LACDL, is to support candidates for the House of Representatives and State Senate who support balance in the criminal justice system.   The LJ-PAC allows us to aid legislators that may have similar views and understanding of issues important to our profession.
It is more important now than ever to join your fellow colleagues to become a united voice in criminal justice.  Please consider contributing to the LJ PAC in 2016.  Enclosed is a registration form that outlines the different contribution levels, please consider contributing at least $52 OR MORE!  The LJ PAC’s goal is to raise $50,000, please help us reach this goal and encourage your fellow colleagues to participate. 
LACDL monitors and takes a position on proposed legislation. Each year we fight an uphill battle to try to educate the legislators on issues important to LACDL.
Issues considered in the 2016 legislature:
· Indigent Defense Funding
· Raising the Age
· Life without Parole
· And much more!
Please help to support the LJ-PAC by joining in 2016. In order to be a successful PAC, it is important to have a strong, varied and committed membership. 
Please return your invoice and payment to:
Check made payable to Louisiana Justice PAC OR Fax payment to 225-767-7648
P.O. Box 82531, Baton Rouge, LA 70884  Credit card only

Thank you to our past contributors, without their generous contribution, the LJ PAC and LACDL would not have an impactful voice in the legislature.
Stalwart Contributor :: Christie Smith IV
Barrister Contributors :: Harold Murry & Walter Sanchez
Advocate Contributor :: Brett Brunson& Richard Tompson