“Personally the benefits I have received from my membership in LACDL far outweigh the efforts I put in.”

“Joining the LACDL List Serve is the greatest benefit. It is like being a member of a 400-person Criminal Defense firm where you have the ability to brainstorm your case and ideas with both the youngest and brightest minds and the older more seasoned and experienced practitioners” 

"My association with LACDL has put me in touch with the most ethical and professional lawyers I have ever met. Being around these people and hearing how they approach tough issues has been tremendously helpful to me."

"The LACDL Listserve is the greatest thing since sliced bread. They are always willing to listen and respond with an example brief, a memo, some case citations or just some sound advice."

"The nature of our work as criminal defense counsel makes us lone wolves that must tend our clients despite all odds. It can get real scary sometimes. LACDL has been a wonderful support network for information, resources, and support for me in those times when I was sure I was all Alone out there and that is about the warmest feeling you can get in this business!”

"As a young criminal defense attorney, just out of law school and newly moved to Louisiana, I was thrilled and more than a bit awed to join LACDL and rub elbows with the most famous and highly regarded criminal defense attorneys in Louisiana. That has not changed as the years have passed by. All those hard-working, amazing lawyers have always been willing to answer any question I might have (no matter how dumb that question might be), to represent me when I have needed it (and I have needed it), and to both lend a shoulder to cry on when times were tough and raise a glass when it has been time to celebrate. LACDL helps me keep on remembering why I practice criminal defense law."

“The LACDL listserve is like an online brainstorm. It's the first place I go whenever I have a question in a difficult case, need help finding an expert or just want to exchange ideas and information, with other members.”

“The generosity of the members of this listserv never ceases to amaze me.  What a great benefit of this organization.”

"Thanks to all of those who responded to my listserve question. These immediate responses make me a better lawyer overnight.

“This listserve is such a tremendous benefit. Invaluable.”

“As always, thank you for the help. This listserv is the best place to gather useful info and at least point me in the right direction.”

“Our  Legislative Grass Roots campaign is growing each year with much more success than ever before.”